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    Simcity 4, Cities XL 2011
  1. I am trying to build several mega cities, but now it seems the population is limited by the land area when I planned all the buildings in high density. The biggest population I built is so far 3 million. Can anybody show their biggest cities?
  2. Kiffissia Country

    very beautiful, thanks for sharing
  3. very nice, keep on posting!
  4. Simcity 4 VS CityXL

    If you wanna play the city game in 3D with better graphic designing, then cities xl 2011 is better, but in terms of game complexity and variability, simcity 4 is better. Let's hope simcity 5 or cities xl 2012!!
  5. Cities XL 2012 rumours

    Really really expecting cities xl 2012, although 2011 is pretty cool already.