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  1. Stimulating Demand and then supplying it

    This is exactly the type of discussion I was hoping to start! I had a nice four city region going. One was agricultural with low income neighborhoods feeding a neighboring industrial city (eastern connection). Then I decided to try and stimulate a high tech / office city by creating another Eastern connection from the industrial city to a high wealth residential community. Then to the east of that I was trying to create HT Industry fed by the High Wealth residential. Well, I succeeded with the High Wealth residential area but it was flat broke! NO money coming in. Bah.
  2. Greetings! I'd like to discuss the subtleties of creating and responding to the various types of demand. Preface I played the original when it first came out, and several others, but SC2000 was the last one I played. Now I'm coming back to the franchise and select SC4 as opposed to the Cities XL franchise. So far I love it, but I feel like a Bronze-level player (sorry for the terminology, just came from the world of Starcraft 2 *shudders*). I love the complexity of SC4 but feel the need to reach out to the community for clarification on a few things. Some of my topic points are going to be very, very basic. I like to post in outlines because it's easier to skim so responders can pick and choose specific points easier. Commercial Services vs. Commercial OfficesDo I understand correctly that commercial service is like a retail store, pizza shop, graphic design company, and various other companies that would basically work to serve the community, but not necessarily be a big job creator?Conversely, commercial offices would likely staff many more people and be a job creator for the community?Finally, what stimulates demand for these various commercial applications?Residential Zoning - Light, Medium, and Dense. It makes sense to me that wealthy offices require a wealthy residential base to both create jobs for and serve, so does it stand to reason that lower income residents create demand for low level commercial service? Or does having an industrial workforce stimulate demand for commercial service?Does the density have any impact on the income level that will potentially develop there, or is it strictly the type of buildings that will grow?When I look at the RCI meter, and focus on ® for instance, do the three bars correspond to the densities I should be zoning, or is it strictly telling me what type of income level my city is attracting? For instance: If I see the wealthy (R-$$$) bar showing demand does that mean I can zone any density level of residential, but should make sure I do it in a way that is desirable for wealthy residents (i.e. water it, parks, education, health-care, etc?)[*]Taxes to create demand, or make money, or both?I understand taxes = revenue for the city, but they also have an impact on demand. Low taxes = higher demand. How much do taxes in one city affect demand in the next?[*]The RCI MeterHow can you have negative demand? I guess I just don't get it. Why isn't it just zero if there is no demand?It appears like you have have less than zero demand. What does that mean? Does that mean my city no longer wants that at all, like it should be bulldozed, or is it just SC4's way of saying "there is really no demand for this type of thing here"?[*]Neighboring CitiesI understand that using neighboring cities for supply and demand is a major economic concept in SC4 but I'm having trouble figuring out how to use it.I find it rather simple to build agriculture, or low-wealth industries, and low-wealth residential. I can even have an industrial city and a neighboring low-wealth city that both prosper, but I can never seem to create demand for manufacturing, or high-tech industry, or any of the higher wealth commercial services or offices. Is it because I start of with industry and that attracts low wealth?Sometimes I can create wealthy residential areas but then they have no jobs or complain the commute is too long.I essentially just want some basics on how to cross-stimulate demand between neighboring cities and how to get out of the dirt-hole that is low-income SC4. Thanks to everyone who contributes! I hope this spurs a discussion that is not only educational for me, but that could potentially help other players like myself and provide some satisfaction for those who are in a position to educate.
  3. Man, I sure hope I can figure out how to get the latest Windows Version of NAM. There is a link to the MAC one, but the link to the Windows version seems broken. ARG! Everywhere I read says that it is a critical mod.
  4. What a wonderful community this is! Thanks, everyone. I look forward to reading some of the links and hopefully getting NAM installed. So I can just copy the contents of the download into the Plugins folder for my PC? I also have a mac, but I purchased the PC version of the game because I could not find the Mac version anywhere. Ha.
  5. Thanks, guys! NOTICE: I just recently purchased the game via download from EA, so who knows if that has an effect on any of this. UPDATE I downloaded EP1, and everything went smoothly, I guess, except that I received this error that it couldn't update one or several of the files. So, I went to double check the file sizes like it recommends, and none of them match. Fail? Secondly, I downloaded the NAM, that was linked, and there is no install file. I have NO clue on how to install this thing. The readme say "to autoinstall double click the install file," which of course, does not exist in the unzipped directory. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance!
  6. Greetings! First-time post, so go easy on me. I have no clue if this is posted in the wrong place. If so, please guide me. What is NAM, and how do I get it? I see several mods, most seem to be related to roads, but many of them say "Make sure you have the latest NAM something or other" and then it is a link. I click the link, and it is a broken link. So, if there some master-mod that I need to use something like this? Is there a master tutorial, or a video-tutorial guru? I haven't played Sim City since Sim City 2000 and am slightly overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of this game. I've looked around for some tips, and some basics, and have found a few, but I'm sure this robust community can muster some resources instantly for me. I've seen some pretty incredible looking cities with like European style buildings. Are there mods that change the way building styles look? That's all for now. Thanks, Guys! p.s., did my title get censored? lol. I used the slang-word for beginner, "$%&^!" but spelled with zeros. Oops!