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  1. SC4 Addon Starter Pack

    hey guys, im new to this forum. ive been playing SC4 for about a month now and honestly, i'm tired of how generic and limited everything looks. so i've turned to the world of addons! lol, anyway, im having trouble looking through the ST EXchange thing.. seems like everything i want to get has a requirement to ten other files. so i was hoping: could you guys help me get a decent "starter pack" or so to speak, of addons for SC4? I already have the NAM thing. what else is "essential" for more realistic gameplay? maybe something that adds more trees and makes cities prettier? idk, you guys can help me with that. I used to play microsoft flight simulator so i know there are certain addons that everyone just has.. if anyone out there plays MSFS you know what i mean. **EDIT** > BTW, in the screenshots it looks as if the houses (and maybe other buildings too) look completely different than the standard generic maxis ones. is there a house pack that replaces the generic residential houses/buildings in SC? i attached a picture so you know what i mean. also, OH MY GOD those trees look beautiful and thick and rich. where can i get that?? the in the generic game there are like... 1 or 2 naked, skinny trees every 4x4 block