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  1. Hey guys.. Recently installed sc4 Rush hour and when i place a park of any type i cant see it. It places down and works fine but its just an empty lot.. The only mod that i use is NAM. Thank you Nvm issue fixed.. it was a graphic setting
  2. Hey guys im looking for a mod :)

    Thank you for the link
  3. Hey guys im looking for a mod :)

    That is awesome thank you, but im looking for something that will show me in game what my cap is at.
  4. Hi! I am looking for a mod that will allow me to see what my cap is at. I know when you place parks ect it will will increase it but i wish i could see it. Thanks!
  5. Hello friends! I am looking for a mod that will allow the power and water to flow across the whole city.. i think power lines are ugly and water pipes.. just suck. The price and usage of the utilities i want to keep the same just have it city wide.. Thank you
  6. Duke's Point & Port Vale

    Hey great work man, and i love the use of train systems.. ill stay posted on this thread! keep up the amazing work.
  7. Let's Play: SimCity 4

    yeah i will look at your vods..!
  8. Sc4 In Windows Mode Question

    Great ideas! i double checked the format with the -w and if i dont have a space it just errors ! I tried to change the resolution still didnt change anything... thanks for the idea tho mate! I mean i can still play its just harder to multi task .
  9. Hi guys!! I have read that to play in windows mode you just add -w after the target. I have tried that multipule times and it doesnt work.. I have windows 7 64bit . Does anyone know any tricks to make it work ? Or maybe something im forgetting to do. I did it to my wifes copy ( she has windows xp ) and it worked just fine :/ ... Thanks in Advance!!
  10. i dont have one! That is a great idea! ill look into it thank you !!!!
  11. Thanks for the input moose! What a gather is i need to be more free thinking about what i do. I was never the guy who could think of amazing things, just the guy that like efficiency i will try a few and post them somewhere here on the site! Also i have a very hard time building on Hills.. i normally just flatten the whole region. Is this normal ?
  12. Co-op Sim City 4

    Also how would city demand change without being able to link city's together? so you can develop a freeway that just ends when it gets to the next city, and yes Many many brown boxes (unless you put what plugins you must have) . You have a good thing going.. you just need to iron out some of the details.
  13. Co-op Sim City 4

    I think you do a square and then send it to him and he adds it.. not like online or anything... unless im mistaken
  14. Yeah i need to get out of the mind set that you dont need to shove as many people in a city at a time :/ .. Ill give that a shot thanks mate ^ ^ I still really wanna see some Nice non-subway Mass trasit
  15. yeah that is a great idea.. usually i have a pre planned grid style city and i know it may be the most efficient however it bets very repetitive and boring. I should try to make a city and "wing it ".. Thanks for the idea broski !