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  1. "Kim Jong Il Dead"

    He Died but Kim Jong-Il left a successor which is his youngest son Kim Jong-Un...but he is like a weakling meaning Kim Jong Il's death might be the start of the collapse of their communist regime in North Korea and may finally be a way for Democratic Unified Korea...God Bless the Koreans
  2. SC4Terraformer Support

    I accidentally closed the brush setting(the window where you can configure the size of the radius, strength, etc.) how can I open it again?
  3. Error Code [#10863]

    What happens to me is that I download BAT's, lots, etc at let's say 7:00 am and then after I downloaded some an error message appears....I waited...then at 2:00 pm, I was able to download again...then the same things happens... in my observation there seems to be a 5 downloads/7 hour pattern.....
  4. Can someone make me a BAT for this flag??
  5. Isn't there anyway on how to Install and play SimCity 4 in Windows 7?? or should I accept the truth that in the next 3 years....I can no longer play SC4 anymore...(( But in the meantime, can someone make me a flag lot of this?