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  1. I found out what is the problem: I also installed this http://ENN_Temp_BridgesAndLevellingMod.zip. I removed it from the plugin folder and now the digging lot works perfect!
  2. Hello, Since a couple of days I am using the hole digging lots. But I can't figure out how it works. I guess I'm not using it in the right way... This is what I do: - select the avenue digger - place the avenue digger on the map - start laying an avenue, starting from the avenue digging lot 4 tiles to the right (the avenue is now lowered which is good!) - I remove the digger lot (So I have only the avenue tiles left in the lowered section) - I connect an avenue from the higher region, to the lower region. Problem: Whatever I try, always if I connect the higher region to the lowered avenue, the higher avenue is lowerd to the level of the lowest avenue. What do I do wrong?