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  1. My beta thoughts.

    You right, but we need to understand their point of view, if they delay the game, the community will be less tender than now... More of that I don't know if you have checked the credits, they are a lot to work on this game, seriously, from an economic point of view they will lose millions if they not release the game on time!
  2. My beta thoughts.

    Concerning the zone, I have noticed that the road guide allows you to know where to place the next road avoiding gaps. Depending on the road you choose the guide will change to fit the good density of population!
  3. I noticed you could place signs on certain buildings/ flag poles etc. But it didnt mention weather they added any thing or was it eye candy? I thought the same thing then I have checked the behavior of the people staring at the building. - I have seen that when a person is sick, he will go to the hospital if it has a sign. The sign allow a person to find the building - When you put a bell on the fire building, the firemen take immediately their truck to fight the fire. without the bell they leave the building 20 seconds later. When you build some stuff it says "not yet approved" but equally doesn't say the requirements for them =/ you need to upgrade your town hall (and you need a certain amount of citizens to upgrade it) For your third question, I don't know
  4. I have gladly tested the game and I would like to share why we can expect a great game. I'm 35yo, I'm a big fan of simcity since the first one, played to cities XL also etc... I like this kind of games, and I was afraid too about the size map, the road which choose the zone size, etc. etc. etc. First of all, what we know: - Size of the map: I know some guys will say the map is tiny (I was one of them), and we also know it's a limitation due the amount of memory in our computer (to be able to play on a 2Gb computer) So it's like that and that's all. Now let's check more than this limitation, what could they do to avoid this pain? - A region of small cities: I know some guys will say the region is empty blablabla... If we can create that of course we can play in multiplayer. And that's the point. I have been testing this game (more than 20x1h of beta) and reading a LOT of discussion with the creators and It's seems this game with be really cool when playing with other people. The map will change depending on your action: - if you extract coal from the ground, you will have less coal until 0. So you will be forced to specialize your town in an other way, same for petrol, water etc... - The wind changes so you can't just put your industries on the top-left corner of the map, - you can't just put a park to satisfy the rich population, they have adapted needs which are unwanted by the others, - you can buy resources from the global market but this market changes with the action of the others player so you will change again the specialization of your city... Do you see the point? SimCity will be alive! That's for me a HUGE improvement, sorry for the other fans who like static games, but I was completely bored with city where we just put things and... voilà. Put things on the entire map and voilà again... They come with a beautiful challenge that real cities have: the competition between cities. I have no care about the online because this game must be online finally I'm so happy to see no terra forming because it would destroy the map and the resource management We have not seen all of this in the beta but with the multiplayer, I'm sure it will be awesome!