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  1. What is your favorite train station?

    The one in Antwerp and Amsterdam.
  2. What are you reading?

    I tend to read a lot of books at once, so here's my list Ray Kurzweils 'The Singularity Is Nearing' Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time: book IV Some book about geology The MYST trilogy (nearly done with that one, but still)
  3. Demo version released ~ For all those that can't wait

    Awww.... My graphics card sucks, need a new one. The demo didn't even work on Very Low... ;_;
  4. Demo version released ~ For all those that can't wait

    I just saw some videos and images, and I think I'm really going to buy this. It looks just so realistic. Downin' the demo now.
  5. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    Try with a number behind. Maybe that can work(sry for my bad english)
  6. Sky Tree Power Plant

    Really nice
  7. Lake Garda

    Can you also make amap of my favorite vacation destination, Lago Maggiore?
  8. IPS Roundabout Fillers Updated

    only the straight edges are ...