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  1. The Riot

    Since the farmer's death, Sims all over the city have gathered up and started a mass riot. Regional SWAT teams have dropped in and blockaded the city's transportation networks and supply lines and state troopers have been at war with the riotous Sims for around 3 months. While I, along with the advisors, civil servants, and llamas have been moved to secret bunkers in Area 52, Sims continue to advance into the military bases and Area 52 itself. I'm not sure how long this city can last... oh look! 5 star general Steven Flaggs is about to debrief on his plan to eliminate the rioting Sims. But what is it?
  2. Weapons Research Facility

    Awesome! It would be even better if you could actually include military from armor packs and if it could function as a jail too. 4/5
  3. The Start

    Actually, I can't put pictures in my CJ unless I have an official full on tutorial, and even if I did, the problems I listed there are seriously off the charts, even for SimCity.
  4. USA Police Pack vol 2

    Cool. I wish you can make a functional police mobile command center... That would be awesome.
  5. The Start

    The New city is like any other city. Except it has the exclusive PEG Area 52 lot that no one knows about except the mayor(me) and the SimNation Armed Forces. It all starts out when the city is going through tough financial times. The unemployment rates soars to just below 50% and illiteracy as well as mortality rates that out pace births 9:1 soar to a record high of 70%. The factories that remain pump several cubic tons of greenhouse gases into the air, per day, per factory and in the meanwhile, the remaining people eat junk food and play video games all day. To help with this situation, the SimNation Armed Forces(SNAF) secretly offered the mayor Area 52. They claimed if this was kept a secret, they would offer 4,000 simoleans every month. I agreed. But, one day, the SimCity Agricultural Association(SCAA)decided to check for their Simtropolis modd/lot permit and readme. Farmer Brown was going to check the farm, and electric barbed wire and the menacing 5 government issue SUVs were no surprise to him. He knocked on the door. No one came. He knocked again. Suddenly, a sniper shot came out of nowhere and disintegrated Farmer Brown instantly! Dual anti aircraft plasma blasters pulled out of the shed and computerized chain guns started shooting in all directions! Along with this, sirens, and government issue SUVs driving everywhere with the backseat agents shooting shotguns, the locals were scared! What will happen in the next? Seriously, I'm open for suggestions. Sorry, I can't put any pictures in my city journal.
  6. Wondering if anyone knows any good modds or lots to download

  7. I'm finally getting an avatar! Yay!

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      And it looks very nice!

    2. Coolguy 2011
  8. I'm just hanging out in live chat.

  9. Operation Eagle Claw

    Nice! Where did you get the battle vehicles? Also, where did you get the rest of the mods/ lots that you used in the battle?