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  1. Stockchester

    Stockchester lies on the banks of the mighty river Bow, untill recently the city was famous for its huge warehouses and shipped out goods all across the globe. During the 1980's the city began to boom as both Asian and American investors swarmed into the city making the city an international financial hub. As the south side of the river prospered, the gritty north became a no go area, filled with poverty and urban decay. In the past 10 years however, the north has seen huge investment in its infrastructure, and many of its warehouses have been turned into huge apartments and galleries. the regeneration was furthered by Stockchester being chosen to hold the XL Games, this created a world class sports centre and new housing greatly benefiting this once depressed area. Construction of the XL Park in South Stockchester. Ariel view of the city. The River Bow runs right through the heart of the city. The City at night looking over the XL Park towards the financial district. The financial district at night. The completed XL park has completely regenerated one of the poorest parts of the city.
  2. Abu Ghul

    Abu Ghul is one of the most advanced cities in the Arab world. The city has been inhabited for over 3000 years, however the cities troubled and bloody past has led to many of its historic buildings being destroyed. The city lies isolated in a vast desert, however it is rich in resources and is the main oil supplier to the world. The discovery of oil almost 30 years ago has transformed the city from an ancient market town into a bustling modern utopia. The city is in the process of re-inventing itself as from an industrial powerhouse and moving more towards the service sector with office blocks and hotels appearing around the city. The city is one of the most Liberal in the arab world and has a buzzing night-life scene with bars and restaurants cropping up around every corner. In the past few years new high rises have started to pop up in the financial district and its year round sun and liberal views have combined to make Abu Ghul a tourist hotspot.