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  1. LBT WalMart Supercenter v2

    Very nice... The only thing I see incorrect with the building is the fact that Wal-Mart typically has two separate loading docks. One for Groceries, the other for General Merchandise. I have not seen a Wal-Mart deviate from that. (I Used to work 3rd shift at Wal-Mart unloading trucks.) I'd really like to see this with a Garden Center and the Tire & Lube Express
  2. Can't get past 100,000 population

    Personally, I have never set taxes any higher than what the default is set at. I never made sure my cities had 100 percent coverage civic services because it would only end up digging yourself a hole you can't get out of. I usually start cutting commercial and industrial taxes first starting with lower wealth once I hit about 50k citizens. I RARELY have an issue with going into the red. If you jump taxes beyond what the default is... you will kill any sort of growth in your city.
  3. Abondonment/Job Problems

    I had this problem when a city of mine hit 650k citizens. It spread like syphilis across my city and I ended up dropping roughly 150k citizens. My main problem was too many jobs were being outsourced to neighboring cities along with there not being enough to provide for the population all together. Since your problem is primarily with R$$$ its probably jobs specific to that wealth level are either not close enough or there are just not enough of them in general. Those being High Tech Industry and Commercial Offices. Check your R$$$ populations against those types of jobs and see how it matches up. If it doesn't match up, then expect to do some rezoning, or zoning for more development of them. If it does match up, then it is a transportation issue. I just checked back and forth between my cities, paid more attention to those values and was able to fix my problem. It was time consuming, I did a lot of rezoning, but it ended up working for me. Oh and since you are at the 250k mark... a problem I had when I hit that was even though my EQ level was high, the education grade on the query was low. If you have an Opera House placed... make sure you download the mod to fix it. Its treated as an educational building and they didn't give it a funding slider. After getting that fixed my pop jumped nearly 100k. Personally, I've tried the whole building a neighboring city simply for industrial development. For me it only worked until my Residential and Commercial city reached a certain population and I was plagued by the brief case of death. Maybe my transportation networks were always shoddy, but I've always had the most success when I built my cities to sustain themselves by mixing all types of jobs and residential wealth levels instead of pushing out the dirty and poor on the neighbors.
  4. What frustrates you about sim city 4

    Hmmm lemme see here.. No Job/Commute.. or what I call the Brief Case of Death (BCOD) Wren Insurance CTD (used to be a problem since I have a quad core processor... found a fix for that) Lack of realism behind Maxis utilities, transportation, and civic buildings. When building on a downtown section, a rich snob decides to build his mansion in the middle of stage 8 apartments and refuses to allow further development. No weather changes that spawn lightning and tornadoes. The fact that tornadoes look like earthworms wiggling around The fact that you can only spawn what looks like maybe an f2 tornado (I want an f5 damn it)
  5. BLaM Anvil Museum

    Definitely the fighters guild building. It could also pass as the King's Arms Inn towards the dockside gate.
  6. SemiTransparent Train Stations

    Just what I need. Except LEX messes up registration so I can't get the dependencies.