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  1. EA: "DRM is a failed dead-end strategy"

    Umm it was officialy referred to as DRM back in 2012... http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/maxis-simcitys-drm-scheme-is-a-good-thing-for-players/
  2. SimCity Update from Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis

    I agree that we have been beating a dead horse here... The product is not what most of us waited 10 years for. What we got was some Executive's wet dream of reproducing WOW's huge success. I strongly agree that city building games need to be allowed to stand on their own merits and not be shoe-horned into an Orwellian type of interconnected play. I get the feeling, with such an arrogant and insulting you-like-what-we-tell-you-to-like you little s**t attitude that none of our suggestions to make a better more profitable product will ever be considered. I truly hope that nature be allowed to take its course and the company suffers financial consequences as a result of bad business and bad decisions. /rant off.
  3. SimCity Boss’s “Straight Answers” Seem Pretty Wiggly

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  4. Maxis: Could we have built a subset offline mode? Yes.

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  5. SimCity Modded to Play Offline Indefinitely

    Maxis rebellion! Sweet!
  6. Simcity 2013: Community Interviews: Part 2

    Then it would strongly be in their best interests to release a demo.
  7. Simcity 2013: Community Interviews: Part 2

    1. I know its difficult to pound through the thick skulls of the developers, but graphics is LESS important then gameplay. Most of us just don't think its a priority. 2. We have a right and ample reason to be negative, after having gone through the exact same thing with Societies and Cities XL. Cities XL actually promised some really cool stuff, which they took away from us for "Planet Offer" (online play) It was the last mistake that developer made. The game bankrupted them. Soceites, they were much more upfront (EA) about, and we got exactly the game promised. Back then, also, all they could talk about is graphics and "fun, new gameplay". EA is large enough, so they were able to weather the weak reception of the game. Sim City appears to be a giant leap backwards. From the original Sim City, to Sim city 4, each new game in the series added more features, allowed us to do more, and allowed us to be more creative. From the DEVELOPERS OWN WORDS, from the questions THEY ANSWERED, the were CRYSTAL CLEAR that most of features added to the series over the years, that we've grown to love, WILL NOT BE IN THE GAME! They did not stutter. They did not leave room for interpretation. At least they were honest!
  8. Simcity 2013: Community Interviews: Part 2

    I have made no final decision on the game, though it doesn't help when the developers themselves are forthcoming about the games negative aspects. They have asked us to wait until gamescom (or whatever) to be heard, and I am going to give them that opportunity. As to the changes, they are going the opposite direction the community (the ones they are 'listening' to) wishes them to do, a direction which has sunk Societies and Cities XL before they even got off the ground. Looking at the last 5 years or so, one has got to wonder if these developers really do have a hole in their head or something. It makes no sense! Point im making I guess is, we can take the developers more or less at their word. There will not be a sudden turnabout in their plans, and the final game won't all that different than described.
  9. I was about to pre-order, until I saw several screenshots, that, while beautiful, alluded to a Societies - like gameplay that I am not interested in. I waited, allowing the news to progress, but the news and images on the gameplay have not been encouraging and do not align with my interests as a player.
  10. My problem with multiplayer is that other cities can influence yours. Pollution, etc. I'm sure a lot of you will spend weeks building up the perfect city, only to see it get messed up by some careless neighbor. Ouch.
  11. Community Interviews Maxis: Part 1

    I've seen quite a bit of over speculation on the forums, but I'll admit the news from the developers themselves has me gravely concerned.
  12. Simcity 2013: Community Interviews: Part 2

    ...So I'm guessing the word of the developers doesn't count, then? Really?