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  1. How can I enable the Air Force Base in my city? I downloaded the Mod Air Force Base and now I don't Know how to find it, or, how can I enable to appear in rewards menu. Someone can help me? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I may have had problems in download. I'll try again.
  3. I downloaded the airforce base double runways and now i cant find it in the game. In wich menu i can find it?
  4. Hi Guys I have a two millions Sims region. But, recently, my residential areas doesn't develop. I have all resources available, but the growing is zero. The commercial and industrial zones developes normally. You know what is happening?
  5. I play SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition, and my region already has more than two million sims. Recently, however, there is a problem: my residential areas do not develop, even though the positive demand. I Already noticed every possible detail and the population remains at zero. Commercial and industrial zones develop normally. Does anyone knows what might be occurring?
  6. Inability to access cities

    I understand nothing of programming. How can I do this that you recommended me?
  7. Guys. I play SimCity ha over 20 years. That's right, 20 years. And, I need the yours help. My game was purchased on the EA site and access through the site of Origin. Anyway,what happens is: I can get into the game and see my entire region. However, when I choose a city to play, I can't sign in. Happen error and the program exits the game. I tried to access various cities and happens the same problem. Someone has some idea of what might be occurring? and how to solve? I thought to reinstall the game, but I am afraid of losing my region, which already has more than 2 million inhabitants. I Look Forward To.
  8. Thank you partner; Your tips are invaluable. I will follow your suggestion. Certainly, doubts will arise and I hope to count with you. A hug.
  9. Dear Partners; I'm new in this Forum and, despite playing SimCity for 20 years, ( Yes! 20 years), and playind my "SIMCITY 4 Deluxe Edition" since it's release, never done a update or downloaded any files. I did not know existed. You must imagine my excitement at discovering this site. A new World opened up. In short, I want to catch up and put all these updates that I see in your cities, in my city, wich has 1.6 million Sims. I need help from you guys. Begin by starting what is essential download. I'm still familiarizing myself with the new words, but I know there's BAT's / MOD's / upgrades E.A.. Finally, suggest you can Hugs and sorry my english.
  10. Trouble with my CD n.2

    This way, repurchasing and reinstalling the game, Can I save my job???
  11. Hi Friends; My Simcity 4 DeLuxe Edition CD n.2 was demaged and dont run. So, I cant play the game. I'm working in a City that has actually 1,6million Sims. I'm desesperate. Any idea??? I tried to reinstall the game, but is necessary to run the second CD. How can I do to reinstall and save the files of my game??? Sorry my english. Thanks.