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  1. I'm looking for roads.

    Time-consuming modification.
  2. I'm looking for roads.

    I have got the NAM, but there is no roads which I am looking for. I will thank you fo the short quick-tutorial. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. But 3,4,5 or 6 lanes roads.
  4. I've got just forrmed terrain and motorways. It took me three days. I'm looking for any tips about everything.
  5. New laptop - not full size screen

    Doesn't work for me. Please, help.
  6. What is Rush Hour?

    SimCity 4 Rush Hour is an expansion pack for SimCity 4. Propably known as other name in some cuntries. You can buy it in a shop or via internet. It's really good to get becouse you can now drive cars, trains etc., you can build avenues and you can see informations about traffic in your city/town. In box versions (or in online versions too) it's availible in SimCity 4 Deluxe edition.
  7. Favorite European Cities

    London, United Kingdom of GB and NI.
  8. 1. London 2. Paris 4. Hong Kong 5. Rome 6. Moscow 7. New York 8. Berlin 9. Washington 10. Birmingham
  9. How to add trams to my city? How to make it working?
  10. But it is legal by law. If it's all about language date files. (EA).
  11. Can you upload for me UKEnglish folder from game main folder? Of course if you have got it. THANK YOU!!!
  12. Best City Skyline

    Nothing better than London. Really, i think NY is ugly!
  13. Best looking buildings in the world

    1. The Shard (London) IT'S NOW UNDERCONSTRUCTION 2. 30 st Mary Axe (London) 3. One Canada Square 4. Tower 42 5. Broadgate Tower