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  1. The devil on my shoulder...

    To me, asking for money and stuff like that in my eyes is cheating. Downloading mods, BATS, and other buildings to fix problems, to me is fixing what the creators didnt. I hate pollution, traffic problems, all that stuff. That seems like its just overkill, so i download the stuff that helps these, i dont do the fix all type stuff. where the demand is extremely high, just things that i feel should have been fixed by the creators before the game was released, basically just balancing things. Thats my opinion though, im sure Moose and everyone else will help you, as they helped me.
  2. Need Help

    Ok so i started a new city, and its going better than ever! I have high demand for nearly everything, I have the highest amount of people ever 150k+. I tried to make effecient roads and rails, and i think they worked. I tried to make my city somewhat pretty to look at, through landmarks or layout. That worked. My girlfriend has a farming community to the side of it, and im giving her jobs, everything is going well. I would like to post some pictures though, see if maybe you guys have some opinions or tips? Also what happened to the site for the last couple of days? Been trying to post here and it seems like they forgot to pay the bill or something?
  3. Need Help

    To be honest I have never used those before.
  4. Need Help

    They were all getting power. Even my industry was out of power and that was where my plants were. I had 5 plants for 45,000 people.
  5. Need Help

    Ok gentleman I got it working I zipped all the files onto my flashdrive. And once it unzipped it read everything like it was new so now we can use the plugins we wanted!
  6. Need Help

    Well, I only go to her house once a week, so the whole trail and error process of this, is very long. Plus i just want to make sure i know 100% of what i need to do. I understand my pc and how to do stuff, but this is my first mac, and im still learning how to do everything on it. I will burn the CD, put it on the flashdrive, and try that, if neither works,then idk, we just may have to go without the plugins when we play, which sucks cause we really want the air purifier. Ok side question, i started a new city, and nearly all of my houses are black and most of my CO are black, it says they are not getting enough power, even though i have enough powerplants for another 30,000 people. What do i do?
  7. Need Help

    It can make an ISO but im not sure if her mac can read the ISO? Maybe putting it all onto a flashdrive?
  8. Need Help

    I have tried the dropbox. It didn't work. Which is why I'm asking is burning them onto a disc will change something
  9. Need Help

    Im confused though, wouldnt me placing all of the files in the dropbox, then moving them to hers be the exact same as putting them on a disc and moving them, if data is data it should of worked after pasting them over, and not having to reinstall one of them and it only being the one working, isnt that correct?
  10. Need Help

    Ok so let me get this straight before i try this a hundred times. I can just copy my plugins folder, zip it and save it to a disc, then when it gets unzipped by her mac, itll work like it should?
  11. Need Help

    Ok thank you, ill do that then.
  12. Need Help

    None of them require dependencies that's why I downloaded them. Ok i guess i need to just redownload all the plugins and that seems to work, i redownloaded one and it works. There is only one problem, most of the ones are from devotion, and those all start as .exe to get them going. Me and her dont know how to run exe's on the mac so we pretty much cant get the two that we want. Mercy Hospital and SimGoober Air purification. Do you guys know how to get around this so we can get these few plugins we want.
  13. Need Help

    It's aspyr. And it's brown boxes. I am gonna run it and see If the ones from this site are brown boxes. Cause the only ones I checked was ones that got installed from devotion.
  14. Need Help

    Hm they are seperate issues. Sorry if that's confusing. When I asked about paris that was it's own issue. Then we started a new game in london and the mercy hospital and stuff was just covered in boxes. I'm thinking since mist of them had to be installed maybe copying them didn't really work. I'll try what you said. Thank you.
  15. Need Help

    I have tried to do two Paris maps. Also I copied all my plugins to her mac and when we try to use one it's coming up as boxes. I know this means something but how do I fix it?