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  1. Maxis Mayor Mode trees & Flora

    Thanks Vortext it worked great, I only had the 5 Maxis trees left to get out. I have setup all my Mayor Mode Ploppables trees & flora in DAMN, & using the Mayor Mode Ploppables area for all other MMP items, like rocks, Animals, farm etc & anything else I can download, I find that I go to MMP items more then MMP trees, & this setup keeps my MMP menu a lot cleaner. Again Thanks
  2. Hi All, I want to get all Maxis Mayor Mode trees & Flora out of the Mayor Menu I want to only have the Mayor Mode Ploppables that I download in there, not any Maxis, the menu is starting to get too big. Now is there any one that has done a 'No Maxis Mayor Mode trees & Flora' I have found one for house & other things but not one I want. or can someone tell me how to do it.....
  3. Hi All I have found a site to get your Town names if you cant seem to thing up one, it is great in the Select Table you will find TOWNS this is what I used, It best if you have sing10, you can them add a list of names from the Random Name Generator site to sing (Simcity Name Generator) config, & let it pick your next town name. Random Name Generator site I can't find sing on Simtropolis but I did find muhtadi who did the program muhtadi this link take you to a post from him