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  1. Nexis of Genesis

    Anxiously awaiting more, I have to know how it all turns out and I know i have a long way to go still. Great stuff keep it coming.
  2. Nexis of Genesis

    I just bought SC4 about 2 weeks ago, found this website about a week ago and found this thread yesterday. It has basically taken me 2 days to read the whole thing (with a 2 year old interupting me as much as they do). I must say, I loved every bit of it! I have been hooked like it was a dean koontz novel or something (I havent actually read his books, but I understand they are real page turners). Please keep them coming. I have a few questions. 1. You have at least mentioned Opall from time to time so as to ensure it isn't forgotten. However, you have not mentioned the missing space shuttles and the mystery about what happened to them. Have they been forgotten? 2. When the LB-whachamacallit first malfunctioned, how did they know? More specifically, was it during a transmition that it was discovered or during some kind of diagnistic check? If it was during a transmition, were people invloved? Were they killed? Beamed out into space? Shouldn't some respect be paid to those missing 150 Urulians? You get the idea. 3. How do you do some of these things within the confines of the game? For example, you had 2 military bases and several space stations back on Uru. Space stations require an advanced reseach center and a ton of high-tech jobs, but there was hardly anything else in that city. Was it all just for show stuff edited with a bat? Thanks for posting this adventure and again please keep them coming, but for now I want to get back to playing SC4 (with new enthusiasm)