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  1. Screenshots (Pre-Release)

    I don't know what it is with SC Societies and now this game, but the roads are too big. I'm sure there are some places where the cars are adrift on wide, empty pavement and crosswalks are as wide as trucks are long. But the curbs / gutters of the sidewalks are almost taller than the cars. In picture 5, the scale looks okay, but still not great. I realize this is partly driven by how the scale of roads and cars to zones was fudged for SC4, but come on! It's not as if roadways only come in two widths: wide and double-wide. I know, I know. They're working on it. But I'd figure getting things to the right scale and making fundamental decisions about the transportation network would be at the top of the priority list.

    Mein Gott in Himmel! There's only one picture that doesn't look like a photograph! What I wouldn't give to spend an hour in your plugins folder. What terrain mod are you using? What water mod? Where did you get those underpasses? (They're not the old Transit-enabled lot ones, are they?) I could keep going.
  3. Libertarian vs Socialistic gameplay

    First. I can think of two modes of subsidization: Capital subsidization - city pays to build the facility but not operate it. New sports stadiums and convention centers are built on this model, as are some utility contracts. Operational subsidy - city can establish the facility at no cost to them, but wholly or partly pays to operte it. Some parks, schools and museums are built on land grants. Some utility services are contracted out to private sector providers. Second, what's the point of setting it up so some services are provided by the private sector, some are provided by the public sector, and some are publicly subsidized if the player can't decide which is which? You're still creating a game where the publisher decides which services are privatized and which are nationalized, and their choices may not reflect the way things are done in your country / community. Third, it's been borne out in interviews that SimCity developers aren't out to push an agenda -- that certain services should be privately run and certain others should be publicly run. The goal was to put features driving and limiting city growth in players' control. No two American cities have the exact same utility setup. Water may be contracted out, electricity may be city-provided and garbage may be wholly privatized, or vice versa. A city that operates a free clinic may have no public hospital, or vice versa. But if the developer is going to decree that the availability of certain services drive or constrain how your city grows, leaving the provision of those services up to chance (i.e. the simulator engine) would be unsatisfying. Imagine if your farm town becomes overrun with R$$$ because a plastic surgery clinic grew to satisfy pent up CO$$$ demand, or your skyscraper metropolis imploded because the doctor's office suffers from a long commute time. Sure, less extreme forms of this behavior happen all the time in America. But there comes a point when adding economic realism suffers from diminishing returns.
  4. Unofficial CITIES XL surveys. 100 requested features, ranked by popularity.

    I don't know where to send comments on the surveys / survey options, but I have two so far. I think the ability to have any degree of user customization / user creation of reward buildings (contra SC4) would be immensely better than voting on how many of each generic type of reward building we want. It strikes me that a planning sandbox and an undo feature are substitutes. They both allow you to experiment with proposed developments before committing. But the planning sandbox mode is much more realistic than an undo. For a certain amount of money paid to architects and engineers, you can throw an unlimited number of ideas around for a development. But once you break ground in the real world, you're stuck. The only way undo would be at all comparable is if it merely automagically executed the proper terraforming and zoning steps to make the city as it was before one's mistake, and took a corresponding hit out of the city budget. Further, I think undo might appeal to those who use city simulation games as artistic canvasses or virtual model railroad layouts, while a planning sandbox would appeal to those who use city simulation games as games.
  5. Lankota, Alberta, Canada

    Originally posted by: asturianuAn overview of downtown tile..the valley area is not filled yet as you can see: Cristianquote> Zounds! That's an amazing use of curved avenues and roads. Especially up by what looks like city hall. Right in the middle of the screen: Is that an angled street, or a curved road joined to northbound and eastbound streets? I haven't got the hang of curved roads yet. The curved segments end up in the way of intersections or end up conflicting with uneven terrain.
  6. Mosques in non-Islamic countries.

    It's crazy that the first mosque is in Norway, but all the writing that isn't Arabic is English. I'll try to get some pictures of local mosques whenever I replace my camera batteries (or camera).
  7. Anheuser-Busch Sold to Belgians

    Originally posted by: zelgadisPerhaps the Belgians will turn it into something drinkable.quote> I'll drink to that! I'm an American but I like good beer, especially Belgian and Belgian-style ales. My grandparents can keep their corn juice with its artificial woodchip flavoring. This is a victory for globalization. Insert your feelings about globalization here.
  8. Cork

    In light of the haze and soft-focus you add to your screen caps, your wide shots look like something out of SC3k. And on the off chance you detest SC3k, I don't mean my observation as an insult.
  9. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Originally posted by: SwitchbladeSaint I just have a singular question; does anyone have a recommendation for a design program that is particularly well suited for creating both subway and street maps? Or any mods of any sort that I ought to be aware of? Any suggestions are appreciated and will likely result in hours spent on cartographic endeavours. Thanks in advance.quote> People have said they use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP (free alternative to Photoshop), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Inkscape (free alternative to Illustrator), and Microsoft Paint in various incarnations. If you use the Search Topic feature and search for those various programs, you can see what each is capable of producing. The quality of work depends on how much practice each user has with their particular program, though it's easier to get up to speed with high-powered commercial programs with online tutorials.
  10. Pringles 'are not potato crisps'

    Gosh. Somebody on Wikipedia has already gone and re-labled them as cakes. Which is pointless if you aren't in the U.K. Or trying to get them banned from the U.S. And I love that in the U.S. they are "potato crisps" because they're so unlike potato chips (i.e. U.K. crisps).
  11. Your urbanistic ideas

    Originally posted by: Duke87 My own idea which I have used in drawing out fictional cities before is as follows: have the city crisscrossed by parkways which travel mostly in straight lines, have park space on either side, and only intersect with major streets. Minor streets end to either side on frontage roads and perhaps some intermediate streets get an overpass or underpass, or two pairs of ramps. Pelham Parkway and Mosholu Parkway in New York (The Bronx, actually) approximately are this kind of idea. Anyways, have these parkways intersect at rotaries (or "roundabouts" for you British folks), perhaps with flyover ramps so parkway traffic doesn't need to go around the circle to travel straight through. Fill in the areas between these parkways with local grids of streets. Note how the orientation of the grid varies. Also notice how some irregularity is acceptable. quote> Wow. That's awesome on so many levels. It would seem, though, that you wouldn't want too much deviation from cardinal directions, so reference to cardinal directions would be more than arbitrary. Do the major roads follow the terrain, or how are their alignments chosen? Even makes me want to see The Bronx, and I have a Midwesterner's irrational hatred of NYC.
  12. Good Terrains

    I always think of Pegasus as a chick, because the name is almost always shortened to "Peg". That could have been embarassing.
  13. SimCity Creator is not SimCity 5

    So... SimTown Societies? *shakes head*
  14. Please show us your water front property.

    Originally posted by: un1 Here's just a few ones I got from my CJ... quote> Which water mod is that in the above picture? I thought I'd seen them all. Or maybe that look / effect is from your graphics card or a terrain mod?
  15. Province of Trieste

    Neat. But I think it's Alanis Morissette Ironic that you opened this CJ exactly as I was finishing a satellite-based map of the Trieste region. Good luck!