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  1. Show us your Night Shots!

    This has taken forever to build, I'm still tweaking and this is only the city centre.
  2. Originally posted by: drudruenosBut the think i hate most about apple are it's fanboys. Everybody who owns an apple mac are so militantly pro apple it makes me sick.quote> Just as annoying are those who militantly hate Apple. If your a gamer then obviously Apple computers are not for you, but computers are used for more than games. I myself find the Apple operating system easier to use than Windows. Many people see easier to use as just something that helps the computer illiterate, rather than something that streamlines everyday use.
  3. I find Apple products better because for me they create a good environment to work in. On my computer I can have lots of programs open multi tasking without getting bogged down switching between them, everything is organised and clean. My years of experience with Windows on the other hand, was just a nightmare. Although it did bring a much better gaming experience. Luckily for me, the main game I play now, Football Manager (Worldwide Soccer Manager to you unbelievers), runs great on my Mac (although Sim City stays on windows).

    Unfortunately Spain have a better team than the Netherlands. I can see this going a similar way to the German semi-final game. Even Paul the 'psychic' octopus has gone for a Spain win (news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/10566287.stm - if you don't know). Still I will be supporting the Netherlands anyway, so will be happy if they surprise me.
  5. It's Football To You, Soccer To Me

    I guess referring football as soccer in America makes a lot of sense. While the word has its origins in England it is now never used over here. If you were to ask anyone here for a game of soccer, the response wouldn't be pleasant. Cultures evolve, things are picked up and dropped. Soccer has just been picked up as an 'Americanism' and the English don't particularly like things that are important to us (and don't doubt the importance of football over here) being referred like this.

    I wouldn't be too shocked about Italy being knocked out, both them and France have lost their golden generations. Brazil, Spain and Argentina are the powerhouses in international football at the moment, with Germany, the Netherlands and England behind them. However the South American sides do look better than the Europeans so far. Anyway, today we saw Ghana knock out the USA. A bit of justice personally in that the USA forced England to come second moving their second round game to the one day and time at which I can't watch the game. Duke87: I guess its opinion which sports are more interesting to watch, I personally find American sports very boring. The fact that over 600 million people watch the English Premier League on TV suggests that its very popular to watch. Television rights to this has been a massive money spinner for BSkyB and they pay £1.3 billion for the right to do so.
  7. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    A sneak preview of my future CJ.
  8. UK Election 2010

    Well after our first TV prime ministerial debate last week it has really blown the whole election open. The Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg was by far the most impressive of the three leaders in the debate. As a result the Liberals have seen large gains in support, weakening Labour and more significant cuts in Conservative support. Many of the polls are suggesting that the Lib Dems are now second in terms of support, with the Conservatives holding a small lead. Converting the latest polls into seats means that a hung parliament is at the moment looking like the most probable outcome. It will be interesting to see over the next couple of weeks where the momentum is going.
  9. UK Election 2010

    Bit of an annoying date as I go away that week. If I get to vote it would probably be for Labour just to keep the Conservatives out. Unfortunately I think the Conservatives will win, as the public have jumped on the media bandwagon against Brown.

    ooh, can't wait for the new updates.
  11. The Republic of Cork

    As I said in my last post I'm having problems recovering my Cork region, still missing loads of textures and buildings so when I load the city it crashes to the desktop. I'm not sure if I'll be able to recover it, I've worked on a new city tile in the Cork region to give you what could be the last update from Cork. Replies SimCity4IE - Nice to see an another actual resident of Cork here, remember this isn't an accurate recreation, I've just stolen the region. ironicepitome - Thanks, say sorry to the chinese guy for me. ComputerGuy890100 - Thank you, those numbers after your name were a bit of an effort to type. GreekMan - Cheers, hope to see more of you in Cork buildsolid - Thank you, the cathedral is personal favourite of mine Oktoberfest - It was just something to show whilst I try to fix the Cork region. Onwards to the update!
  12. Kiba Industrial Park

     Beautiful, not often you say that about an industrial area. Nice to see Seto back. 
  13. Dutch Columbia - The Redeux

    Nice downtown, the Midway also looks lovely for a walk down. Keep up the good work
  14. The Republic of Cork

    Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Sadly i've had to wipe my hard drive, I managed to keep the region but now I have to find all the plugins I used. Most of the buildings have been collected but I'm missing a few key textures used on my custom lots. So whilst I sort that out, I've start on a new non Cork related project... The landmark buildings have been laid out, just need to do the custom lotting and find some midrises that fit the gaps.
  15. Cockatoo's BAT Thread

    Wow, your work is really amazing If your taking ideas, can I be really cheeky and ask for mid rise commercials/residentials? I do love a big shiny skyscraper like everyone else but there are lots of these available. Sim City does really need some variety for the areas around the skyscrapers. Thats just my opinion, whatever you decide to do next, keep up the good work