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  1. Guess the Sports Score

    New Zealand 20-13 France
  2. Dutch rail plan to introduce "pee-bags"

    I live in the Netherlands, and the whole country except the NS itself is laughing at it. You even have to ask the machinist for a pee-bag and pee in the cockpit standing just behind him! I'm glad I almost never take the train.
  3. Guess the Sports Score

    New Zealand wins 23-20. I have absolute no knowledge of rugby but I heard both teams are playing well so far.
  4. Guess the Skyline Game

    Always late that's obvious Singapore
  5. The 10,000 Post Thread v2

    5781 I'm glad there are no satellites landing into my country!(The Netherlands)
  6. The Guess Who's Next Game!

  7. The Word Chain

  8. Who is Not Going to Post After You v2.0

    No! You're right No Sim_Link next?
  9. The Next Person...

    No Musketeers books for me. Maybe the next person has seen a movie about the three Musketeers?
  10. Guess the Skyline Game

    Just a 'random' guess: Yangon, Myanmar?
  11. Guess the Skyline Game

    Munchen, Germany EDIT: Crap, I didn't see someone else answered already
  12. Chain Reaction!

    along with some really mad cows who...