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  1. are you kidding me?

    Really? This is the message you got? WOW! Very surprising! I know for a fact millions of other people are not having the same problem at all. Nothing is wrong with the servers, it must be just you..................................
  2. Who would have thought...

    I've played CitiesXL. That game is terrible, but we all have our own opinions. All people have done since SimCity came out is complain. Its the same crap spewing out over and over again. "City Size, Servers, Blah Blah Blah". If you don't like the game, don't play it. Its actually THAT SIMPLE.
  3. Well, 12 million people paid for it. I doubt EA will care if even 100,000 don't buy. The game is great.
  4. Just as the title says. The highest I'm getting is medium density. Maybe someone knows how to get high rises? Please, if you don't have the game and have never played it or are just going to talk about how bad you think it is, go somewhere else. If you want to discuss gameplay and how to go for skyscrapers, lets talk!
  5. SimCity: Gameplay

    No. Buildings won't have to be destroyed when you upgrade roads. There is a upgrade road option that allows you to upgrade all the way up to StreetCar Avenue without destroying anything in the process.