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  1. I live near Montreal. It's about 2 hours away but it's as close to France as you can get in the US. I love Montreal.
  2. Kerrynton County/Pinewood Coast

    I love this CJ> I want to see more! Great job- thanks for the inspiration!
  3. This is amazing. What a high-quality CJ! I've been waiting for that.
  4. The Tropics of Haalu

    YEA TPP!!! You rock man you totally deserved it I have loved this every step of the way.
  5. The Headwaters of Nemonos

    This, my friend is one amazing piece of work you have here. I will totally stay with this one!
  6. The Tropics of Haalu

    Wow amazing map. I would love to drive on that system!
  7. Athenee - Documentary of a City - By Paletexan

    I am so pleased to be informed by this valuable information! Great city too!
  8. Yaquina Bay

    Wow sweet effects!
  9. Sweetwater County: A MadTV Journal

    Downtown looks amazing. The photoshopping is top-notch.
  10. :: Novaya Tulsk ::

    Excellent job! I love your farming villages and marinas. Tres bien! J'aime!
  11. The Tropics of Haalu

    I agree. Best click I made all day too. It's so realistic. The farms are perfect. How do you make them that way?
  12. Apocrypha

    Please don't say you would have to continue development...you encourage us all so much with the stunning updates.
  13. The Tropics of Haalu

    WOW! I love how all the buildings in Rochester downtown are different; the condos blend in perfectly with the surroundings. Excellent job.
  14. The Tropics of Haalu

    Wow! Your idea of past and present comparisons are a very good idea. It was really awesome to read and see how that area has changed. I would love to see more of those in the future! Great work my friend!
  15. The SimTropolis House of Worship

    I consider myself a Protestant even though I have recently had my doubts...