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  1. Hamburg MTP (CXL2011)

    Version 1


    I made this pack together with MircoMarco, it contains the following: 3 Buses that replace the german buses in the colour sceme of Hamburg's Hochbahn AG. 1 Train of Hochbahn AG (Type DT3-E) The train is delivered in three versions, install only ONE of them. ADDON(ALL) - Train is added as additional vehicle to the game and appears everywhere ADDON(GER) - Train is added as additional vehicle to the game and appears at cities with german roads only ReplaceUS - Train replaces the default US skin in the game. Small info: Combine this set with the german skin of my CXL doubledecker Pack for optimal german look. For support visit my Modding thread.
  2. Version 2


    Due the original Brisbane transportation pack dissappeared (processed on for weeks now) I asked for premission to upload it a second time. I also updated it to give you more possibilities of usage. Vehicles: 3 buses: Scania L94UB (Med Brisbane city bus) Fictional small brisbane city bus Fictional Mt.Gravatt double decker bus. 2Trains: QR EMU88 QR EMU226 The Skimbo(STEX) account is created because of a STEX upload bug. I asked Cockatoo-210893 for premission.