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  1. Sims 4 Announced For 2014

    Maxis is developing it rather than EA; that's promising.
  2. Maxis live broadcast

    I'm not a big fan of the new art style; looks very "cartooney", whereas "SimCity 4" and "SimCity 3000" looked decently photo-realistic. The "Civilization" series did the same thing, with "Civilization 3" feeling somewhat realistic, and Civilizations 4 and 5 feeling much more cartoonier. I don't like the scaled-down approach (which, in my opinion, was probably done to make it more "approachable" to newcomers, much to the chargin of veteran SimCity players); some of the small-town screenshots look identical to "The Sims 3". On the positive side, one thing I like is that there are sources for groundwater, so the placement of water towers and water pumps matters a whole lot more now than it did before. In the past all you had to worry about was pretty much keeping the pumps and towers away from pollutant sources. I also like the fact that you can curve roads and steets out of the box now, with no fiddling around required; that's something I always wanted.
  3. Barry Sanders Project

    The Maxis nite is already too dark for me, I prefer to play in daylight.
  4. Barry Sanders Project

    Speaking of the Music Hall, is anyone working on Fox Theatre?