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  1. Thompson Falls, Montana - Let it snow !

    Very nice map with a nice look! Reminds me of working with Grants Pass, OR. May I make some comments? I would like to see the river and where it flows. As for the location, this does not appear to be Thompson Falls, but east of Falls - namely Plains, Paradise, and Dixon at the very SE end of your topography. I wouldn't have made a big deal of it (not knowing the area), but a lengthy look at Google Earth showed me that Thompson Falls was nowhere close. Not much in the way of small towns and cities to speak of.
  2. SimCity for Android

    I was able to put SC Deluxe on my XOOMie and works surprisingly well only on a small footprint. That being said, it doesn't live up to SC4 and all the advancements made for it through this website. Deluxe is compact, simple and straightforward and has many of the basic features of SC4. Let's see how EA will make it expandable to include a library for additional roads, buildings, maps and other objects. If not it should be a nice little primer for SC4 on a PC.
  3. Wichita, KS

    This is an OK map. As I used to live there, I can say this map covers too wide of an area and the rivers and sizes are not accurate - would be much better if one could have used USGS DEM elevation data and included Wichita Metro area only. I will not be using this one and will wait for a more accurate rendition. Perhaps blade2k51 could build one.??
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I have many cities in my region - all of them bounded by other cities. They all seem to behave similarly with the same phenomenon. I have not loaded any demand mods that I am aware of. New regions do not behave this way - at least for now.
  5. Has anyone experienced HIGH commercial demand (top of the charts) across all bars and NO demand (bottom of the charts) for residences? This has been happening since I've installed a ton of plug-ins... New cities don't seem to have this problem. I'm wondering if the older cities were established BEFORE installing all the plug-ins?