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  1. I lowered my settings to medium, removed waves/clouds and then re-installed NAM and it's working fine now. Hate how I can't see the cars moving unless I zoom in. Odd how I can't play the game on high settings when the hardware I'm using wasn't even out yet, lol
  2. Do the schools have to be in range of the industry or just education in general to get smarter sims?
  3. I selected the one that was for the US. I tried it again last night, this time, installing it to my program folder instead of the default My Documents location and it did seem to run much better but still not as good as without it. Hopefully, I can live with it. Not using NAM at all and my system ran great. Everything is smooth and fast
  4. sorry, I installed NAM and it basically killed the game. Very glitchy and laggy. Uninstalled it and it played smooth again. Finally got a decent little city going and starting to get some highrise condos/apartments and then CTD
  5. Installed this tonight and it drastically slowed down my game. Uninstalled it and back to normal. Will see if I can fix it