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  1. Bay Area Members

    Google maps only says I have to drive for 4,454 walking hours (uses a route through Japan too ) close enough?
  2. Ah so that's where they are stored I was only aware of the C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Plugins folder where all the other things are stored.
  3. Hello, sorry if this has already been posted but is there a way to clean out your simcity without a reinstall. Since coming back to the game after a year or so I have no idea what mods are on my game so I can simply reinstall all the ones that I like. I know how to clear my plugins folder but for PEG's mods and the NAM team's mods you have no way of knowing what is in your game.
  4. SimCity Will Be On Steam...

    Well Steam does run games like Anno 2070 for example that is always online and runs through uplay, when you click play in steam it opens up the uplay window to Anno and you just hit play there. Kind of useless but at least you can purchase all of the DLC and that game through Steam but playing through uplay.