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  1. Del Taco

    Great! I love all of your lots, as they add true realisim to my cities! Great, Great work!!! Don't stop!!!
  2. Lemonade Kids

    Cute...reminds me of my kids. I will downlaod it when I get home.
  3. Fantasy Mens Club

    Woooo Hoooo. Let me get my dollar bills ready! Is it BYOB?
  4. c motel

    I like it. Makes me want to...well, you know...rent a room!
  5. WorldCup Stadium

    Looks great...this is the way stadiums should look, big parking lots.
  6. NexisLabelingCo

    Very unique design! love IT!
  7. St Somebody Catholic Church

    Good looking...makes me want to go to confession.
  8. Park and Playground Complex

    Smells Like Street Ball, Liqour and Hookers! Great lot.
  9. Factory rave party

    How big is this lot?