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  1. 4.0 bug? Sink hole!

    They were for lease because they were just built, underwater.... they've been going strong since and actually burned down and rebuilt again. pretty crazy. The funniest part is watching pedestrians walking under water
  2. So I just started a city in the new region and I'm working in sandbox mode on my road layout. I didn't notice this until I launched the game a day after laying down this road. In the screen shot you can see a couple industrial buildings that seem fine and actually were under construction while under water. cars pass on the road like normal and I guess I'm going to leave it since there's no terrain tools. just thought it looked weird so I'd share. Also I've noticed since 4.0 while i'm draggig zoning tools around they leave remnants that look like I've laid down the zone, they disappear when I click off the zoning tool. in this screen shot there's a car under water and a car coming up the hill that just left the water. It's pretty cool to watch the tides go up and down on the buildings. Here's another one showing off my awesome train bridge with the sun reflecting the sink hole on the right
  3. I was looking into pre-ordering for that same Amazon promo. It is disk only so does that mean you won't be able to download 3/1 but instead wait for the disk to arrive after it is hopfully sent 3/5? I'm pretty sure we'll still be able to download through Origin, but not until we get the disk/key delivered. However when I preordered through Amazon they guaranteed delivery on 3/5.
  4. I ordered the disk version because of the $20 Amazon credit, that one says 3/5. BTW, any one know if I should expect DVD's? I'd prefer Blu Ray but didn't see an option when ordering
  5. Hopefully I get in. For the 2nd beta I got a code from Amazon 2 days after it ended.