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  1. Help with game startup.

    Tried another account? It seems to dislike the user account with me but runs happily in an admin account (not that I'm happy about having to use an admin account to play games - not what it's there for at all).
  2. Hi all. I'm having trouble with these two tools. I've seen the screenshots of what's meant to happen but for whatever reason I just can't get it to work. I've gone through the Install Plugin process in SSPTool several times with different plugins and get a message saying that changes will be made when the program restarts, but there's never anything in there when I do. And the DAMN has remained absolutely empty since install and I'm not clear if this is because I can't get the SSPTool to work or if there is supposed to be something there to start with. I've reinstalled both a couple of times with the same results. DAMN was installed with the installer's defaults and the first time Windows said it might not have installed correctly and wanted to do it again. Thinking that might have something to do with it I reinstalled and told Windows to get lost when the error message came up again. That doesn't seem to make any difference either. The version I'm playing is a UK copy of SC4:RH with the SKU2 update installed. I'm using a 2.66GHz dual core with 4GB RAM and about 130GB free space, which is about half the drive. OS is Vista Home Premium with all the required updates, (although the machine is actually a Mac being booted into Windows, which lives on its own distinct drive rather than a partition - though I can't imagine that would make a difference anyway). Java is installed and up to date. So can anyone shed light on what's gone wrong? I spent half the night trying to nut it out and got nothing but a headache. My first assumption is that I haven't got something that I need to have but I've read and re-read the readmes and can't see anything along those lines. One set of screenshots show something called DAMN Manager, but it looks like something in the SSPTool. Have I got that wrong and DAMN Manager is something I need to download separately? And if so where do I find it because it didn't come up when I searched Simtropolis for "DAMN menus"? Searching the forum I did see that a couple of other people have had what looks like the same problem but neither thread mentioned a solution. Any ideas? I'd really like to get them working if I can. Thanks in advance.
  3. STEX - General Slowness

    First post, and at least I have something to say other than 'Hi'. This stop/resume stop/resume till it's finished technique also works in Safari. Oddly when I use the Mac version of Safari I haven't had a problem with download speed, but that could just be luck. Edited to add that in Safari if you get "request timed out" you're stuffed and have to start again. If you stop it before that happens it picks up from where it left off. I find the thing to do is wait till it hits 1 KB/sec or close to it and then click the button.