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  1. NAM: Requests

    Now that we know how to create diagonal transit enabled lots, it should be possible to create puzzle pieces that cross over diagonal networks. Ignoring avenue puzzle pieces for the moment, this should be fairly simple to implement. It could be done with 1x2 pieces, but this wouldn't allow crossing of close spaced diagonal networks which have almost no crossing options at the moment. Instead I suggest creating 1x1 puzzle pieces that allow the network to cross adjacent sides of the tile like this: To create a diagonal crossing two of these would be put together, with the second rotated through 180 degrees. To handle close spaced diagonal networks, a second puzzle piece could be created like the following: Assuming that the tiles can be made so that this doesnt act like an intersection between the two lines, I don't see any problem with this. It would allow crossing of an arbitrary number of close spaced lines. Fortunately one way roads can't be close spaced (otherwise we would need separate pieces for the start and end since rotation wouldn't work and different middle pieces for two opposing roads and two going in the same direction) so creating puzzle pieces to cross diagonal on ways will just involve 1x2 pieces, one for each direction, like so: Avenues also can't be close spaced, so the puzzle pieces for them would involve a single1x3 tile: For avenue overpasses, the situation is more complicated. The best way to handle them and the amount of flexibility they can have really depends on whether it is possible to create one side of an avenue puzzle piece at a time. I can't describe the best way to handle avenues unless I know the answer to this. This would add 12 puzzle pieces to the game, 6 for road and 6 for one way overpasses (2 road, 2 rail, 1 one way and 1 avenue) and it would add quite a bit of flexibility to our transit networks.
  2. MMTS Multi Mass Transit System Pack

    Is anyone else unable to make this lot function as a train station? I set up an experiment just using it as a subway,bus, and train station and making it the only link to jobs. Couldn't get it to work as a train station. Is it just my comp or are the trains non-functional?
  3. New university

    I go to the University of New South Wales in Sydney, we have ~50,000 students. The university would cover most of a small map though.