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  1. Cape Newenham AK

    I fixed it, there seems to be a bug with the radeon cards. But I imported it with 800x600 and it worked fine. But when I save a city in 1600x1200 a small part of the city is gone.
  2. Cape Newenham AK

    I downloaded your Kupreanof map and its the samething. I studied your regions and all the large cities seems to have lost the last 1/10 of the city. There should be land or water there but there is nothing. But when i start one of thoes cities its all normal but the regionlook is wrong.
  3. Cape Newenham AK

    I don
  4. Cape Newenham AK

    I got a problem, there are gaps between the some of the cities. How do I fix it?