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  1. Not touching the game til these fixes are implimented
  2. How does he get the roads so perfect like that? When I try they always end up crooked :/
  3. Is this game worth buying?

    A fire truck two blocks away shouldn't let a house burn down, thats a bug
  4. Is this game worth buying?

    Gotcha, thanks.
  5. Is this game worth buying?

    Can anyone tell me if this game is worth dropping $40 on? I care mostly about the graphics and the ability to hook me into the game for quite a while, not too frustrating, etc
  6. I want to purchase cities XL but...

    hmm okay then I will wait for 2011 in oct.
  7. I'm a huge fan of the sim city series, and was wondering if cities XL is worth purchasing at this point? Somebody told me it would be outdated by 2011 and obsolete, so should I get it or wait for the next "sim city" to come out?