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  1. See my citiesXL blog http://civitasvirtualis.blogspot.com/

    Language is Dutch, but there is a google translate button.

  2. Constant on low income

    I think, that I am doing something wrong. Because I am constly on low income. Especially around 300.000 I tend to loose fast. Example, I have 25000 inhabitants. Income is 5000. People complain about no entertainment. I add entertainment which cost 4000 per turn. Yet suddenly I loose 2000 per turn. People still complain. As I add more people, more income is generated. Until 300.000 inhabitants all goes good, with dips around 100.000 and 200.000. Suppose I arrive at 300.000 people. Income is 30.000 per turn. I add houses for 60.000. Income drops to 5000 till 9000. Roads turn red. People complain about hospital, security, entertainment etc. I add some, untill I keep 2000 in the plus per turn. As I learned from other situations, I added more people, shops, offices, factories, but the income rises only a bit. All results in roads with a red colour. I add more roads and bridges, and the loss starts. But the loss does not stop to grow to more loss, if I quit building anything. Even if I have stabelized it, without any change, the income drops. And fast. At my last city, I had 30.000 plus per turn at 330.000 people. Suddenly it drops to -25.000 per turn at 330.000. And I have changed nothing. If I close the game and open it up, a day later, loss starts at -31.000 and starts to drop even faster. I ask myself the question, what am I doing wrong. Greetz, aRBee
  3. NouVille

    I lost this City, because every factory was suddenly complainging, that there was no traffic. I pulled the plug at the bankaccount of - 999.725. I had about 600.000 inhabitants with a positive income rate of 50.000 until the factories started complaining Real life took over. And I started a new City. Called RiverCity a dozen times. I lost it due to stupid decisions (learningprocess), and several crashes. The last crash also made it clear to me, that I could not use the installation of NouVille anymore. I will rebuild it in a time, again. In the meantime, I learned to save the game in a rotating destinationmap. AND I started indeed RiverCity. I was encouraged by an other CitiesXL player to start a blog about CitiesXL. Placing some tips and tricks there. Show the Cities as a leading item. The blog has been started here: My link Unfortunately for a lot of people it is written in Dutch. I am not sure what I will do with the Simtropolis, as I used it also as a kind a blog.
  4. NouVille

    The Town of NouVille has been creating a prospect, with some nice images about the town. The core images are about: Jobs, Living, Living in the Future and holidays. The best prospectcards are being showed below. They will make it to the bigger newspapers.
  5. NouVille

    The City of NouVille has bended them over City promotions. The first they did do, was to create a logo. Here it is. The lines you see in here are equal to the first roads that have been build in NouVille. Including the only way out to the neighberhood.
  6. Garnica City

    Looks very nice. But that error... bad. But how did you create the pond in front of the Brandenburger Tor?
  7. NouVille

    Nouville has been extended, with a Marina. Weveral wooden houses have been build on the ground, and on the water. 2 Restaurants where build, as well as a small marina for sailingboats, and a bigger pier for bigger boats. (It is a pitty, that there is no ships annimation.) Enjoy the images. Overview of the marina Overview from the land part Restaurant Marina on the water Yachtharbour, with a nice walking extension.
  8. NouVille

    800*96 for the signator. Or should that one be smaller? Cannot find it. Sorry.
  9. NouVille

    Sorry. I read that just before I uploaded a new set. New set is created at 800*600
  10. NouVille

    Many years, before the present town arose, was an old medievale village. It had several gates and an wall around it. The new city made it needed to destruct a part of the town and went underground with a connectionroad to the new part. The destroyed part was allready in a very bad shape. Left of the tunnel is the oldest part with even an old Taverne from the 14th century, and on the left bottom the road was just inside the wall, and it is called Wallstreet. The city had decided to rebuild the old village, made houses to be able to house unskilled and skilled people. Even a few shops in the old style where added. The church and well neighbouring it is from the 16th century. A 14th century well was digged up near the border of the new town. As the mayor, I can say, we made a nice job, into restauring the area. It even attracs visitors from the big neighberhood. Overview of the old town Churchstreet Mainstreet Watergatestreet Weekmarket Fishmarket Animalmarket / Festivalarea Wallstreet Taverne Churchstreet Old festival market. Also used for the monthly animal market. Or is it better to say this is the animal market? Old weekmarket taken from the 16th century well Old fishmarket right of the village Watergatestreet 14th century well
  11. NouVille

    Relocation of A1, Connection to A2 the A that partially went around the town, was havy crowded. the town decided to rename the A1 into C1 (C from City-expressroad) and build a new highway right of the old. This one is called A1. The town was so clever to build a real highway and add a connection to the A2 and another one that ends up at the curve of the C2. As last, was a intersection build at the industrila park. And connects to the N3.
  12. NouVille

    Extesion planned. Meanwhile extensions have been planned into the centre of the Village. A School, police station, firebrigade and small hospital have been build. Al buildings are medium density. And some are low density. On this moment the houses of the people have been extended to Executives and a few Elites. The village has build a townhall and several entertainment buildings. At the entry of the town are few hotels build. Below is the extended village plan. Unskilled Skilled Executives Elites Shops Offices Extension On the right in the green is the farm area. Left bottom corner is industrial park, with manufacturing and even some hightech. 1 Highways A1 and A2 are simplemented. Yet... the connection between the A1 and A2 goes over a local city avenue. The N1 and N2 are national roads. Below you will see what areas have been planned around the townhall. A school is build on the right, just outside the view, in the middle of the rubble. On the right is the townhall. In the middle the marketplace (It is not showing the stands after a few seconds. Error?)
  13. NouVille

    Thank you for your comment. I do my best.
  14. NouVille

    Agriculture A big part of the cities ground, will be covert by agriculture. Only a few farms have been build here.
  15. NouVille

    I had a City made in 2010, but it has gone corrupted since I opened it up in 2011. So I started a new village, with the name Nouville. Site Nouville is situated around lake Nouw. The area has been freshly bought by a project developer. Streetlayout The first streets have been curved around a nice curve in the lake. The first buildup