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  1. Fashion Fabrics

    Sorry for my english but I'm french I don't see all of the buildings. I've put the european props (all of the three) in my plugins folder...
  2. Big Medical Center

    This Prop : http://www.simtropolis.com/lots/lots.cfm?Str=European%20Props
  3. Big Medical Center

    I've a solution !! I've installed the European Props in the /program files/Maxis/sim city 4/plugins folder,and miracle !! The big building appears now !!
  4. Big Medical Center

    I've the same problem than Marc Collins... What's the plug in to have the large building ? I've this problem with an other utility... Sorry for my english, but I'm french !!
  5. Joergs Golf Pack

    Good idea !! And happy new year from France...