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  1. Sim City Tips & Tricks

    Its working from here, I've had quite a few downloads already.
  2. Hello again, I just stopped by because I found an old thing I printed out from the Sim City 4 Website on Tips & Tricks, as well as a cheat code edition. I don't play SC4, and I haven't come on these forums in a while. Download link: ftp://SC4@ Web Link: I can't attach a file, much larger than 500K. Hope this helps a bit. - Candunc Edit: Taken down from the server for maintenance, won't be back up. Here is a new download link: http://j.gs/649671/sc4
  3. Dolphin

    [quote name='JLH' timestamp='1299894772'] So will this also explode if I bring it to close to the shore? [/quote] Hahaha.I would think so.
  4. Oh no! The Bunnies Got Me! :O

  5. You could use the bulldozer tool?
  6. can't download from Simtropolis exchange

    I wondered about that for a while. To fix it click the TOP one, not the bottom one.
  7. The 10,000 Post Thread v2

    2545 I'm back! :ducky::ducky:
  8. I'm Back SC4!

  9. A Shocking Occurrence

    Wow... what a change in the story... I wonder what happens next.
  10. Show us your floods!

    Wow.... That is pretty bad flooding...
  11. Why should the person above you be banned?

    For not joining my site at http://farmgame.webs.com/
  12. Who is Not Going to Post After You v2.0

    Correct! No Blue Lightning Next.
  13. World of Goo

    I have it for Mac and PC, Super Game! Not better than Simcity though