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  1. Instant freeze as soon as I save.

    I managed to install this update and it seems to have solved the problem, fingers crossed. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  2. Hey guys, need a bit of help with my Deluxe Edition of Sim City 4. I purchased it a few weeks back but finally got around to installing it this week, the game installed fine and I encountered no problems playing the game. However as I clicked to save my progress the game froze instantly and I was unable to call up the task manager. So my only choice was to directly turn the laptop off. I've tried a this a couple of times and it always freezes as soon as I attempt to save. I'm not too good with computers so any help would be great. Here are my specs; Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1 Build) Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz 1GB Ram NVIDIA QUADRO NVS 135M (256MB)