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  1. More AI atrocities

    http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/248767/page/2 It’s important to note in previous interviews, Maxis has stated that sims don’t live in a specific home, work a specific job, but they go through the moves (leave home, go to a random job they qualify for, shop at locations that meet their social status, then go to a random home that they can live in). just thought I would throw that in there since people were confused about the detail of where people live and work in relation to travel. As for where this was actually stated? I am not sure.
  2. Sim City 4 on steam...

    I have Win7 64bit here (disk version) runs fine. I believe its an issue with aero from what I understand (I have that disabled)
  3. but in a roundabout way they all do...congestion influences desirability to wealthy people doesn't it? if so then by making the roads less congested they attract rich people. But they don't (except monorail) attract rich people to use them...they want the road to themselves.
  4. Wealthy don't like mass transit (from what I understand). So perhaps the wealthy come because the roads are more open? (since lower class/average people are using mass transit). Population increase would be from the infrastructure (Roads in this case) can support more people. Also mass transit affects sims on its own doesn't it? (even if traffic isn't a problem its seen as a feature that they want). Also it would affect pollution (depends on how much traffic it alleviates of course)...and that affects a few things...who would have thought it would be so complex to place a few small things lol
  5. "Real World" Mods

    Luckily I do have the sense to poke around and read stuff before jumping in headlong. I read the getting started thread and I have deluxe + update + BAT update. I have downloaded so far NAM (working on getting the addons for it now) and mostly just lots from Simgoober + dependancies (hoping that by having mods from pretty much one person will help keep it clean and simple...plus I dont need much more). Thanks for the NAM tip...I noticed there are lots of features and I didnt think of using that method (as basic as it is) to get accustomed to it.
  6. "Real World" Mods

    Thank you very much! This will help tons! I was at loss for where to start! If anyone else has any suggestions let me know.
  7. I am looking for som mods/retextures that bring simcity more in line with real life by adding real world counterparts into the game (IE. stores and restuaraunts like walmart, mcdonalds, burgerking, kroger etc). Are there any out there? I would prefer if there was a collection or all encompasing one. But if I must download a large amount of smaller mods to achieve this it will be fine. Also, What is considered to be the best/biggest single retexture mod? I am looking for something that can update the graphics of the game a little. Finally, and most important, are there any "essential" mods I should get? Namely any bug fixes (beside the official patch) or anything like that?