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  1. Parking floral

    Thank , New Parking floral in the place !!! =D
  2. Parking floral

    Thank you for your comment I will try to modify some problem
  3. Favorite European Cities

    Paris and amsterdam it's two beautiful city
  4. Parking floral

    Oups : August sorry ^^"
  5. Parking floral

    the new version will arrive on July 4 ^ ^
  6. Parking floral

    I'm going to place more tree now
  7. Parking floral

    Version 2


    A large parking for shopping My first BAT, This building gives you 50,000 per month simflouzes It reduced pollution from -1000 within a radius of 300 Construction Cost: 100 Cost of destruction : 2 Ps : trees grow to the son of time Version 2.0 -Parking improvements first (and more space and tree) -Added a 4x4 ----------------------------------------------- Dépendancies : Orange MégaProp V.01 Euro car replacement mod Citroen C2 Automata new instances SFBT Essentials BSC mega props DAE Vol1 -------------------------------------- Good game and enjoy ! =) --------------------------------------