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  1. Originally posted by: gianthaiku Ok guys you might wanna check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Arts#2011_release theres two words in here that may be a sequel to SCS. (scroll down to the bottom of TBA)quote> This was deleted the 28th of August with the following comment: "removed SimCity Industrials since their is no rumors or announcements for this game (False Information)". Still appreciate info like that though. Despite having purchased SC4 recently I still hope a SC5 will be relased eventually.
  2. Using the train station as parking lot would only be a benefit if there was a shortage of parking lots in the game. Doesn't seem like parking is simulated though, at least route query displays it as cars going directly from house to house.
  3. The Monorail Ride mission

    Thanks, and thanks for your replies both of you. I think I've cracked it. I made a 3rd city that I could fool around with properly, added residential and medium industry zoning and silly amounts of monorail loops to connect it (no roads, to force monorail traffic). No dice. Then I built the freight train needed for those missions which appeared at once. Went on to build the passenger train stations and then the monorail mission turned up. Switched to farmland city, made the passenger train (straight line with 3 stations) and also there the monorail mission popped up almost immediately. Finally switched to 1st city and made passenger train there. This time the monorail didn't appear at once, not until traffic on passenger train went from 1st to 3rd station - there was traffic from A to B and from B to C but not until I forced traffic from A to C the mission (for monorail!) popped. So it seems you have to fulfill the reqs for both passenger train and monorail and perhaps even make sure the some sims pass a station between start and end. There's a problem all this though. I didn't save between these attempts and today when I did all over again in all cities just to confirm the theory, no passenger train was required to trigger it once I'd built it in the test city and saved. So I'm still at loss regarding exactly what's needed to trigger monorail ride mission but if someone else have the same problem I recommend experimenting with passenger train.
  4. The Monorail Ride mission

    Well all monorail tiles and stations are within the city if that's what you mean (I actually have 20 rail tiles and 3 stations in the farmland "city" as well but the mission doesn't come there either). Or are you saying that no part of the monorail network can have a connection (to neighbouring city) for the mission to appear?
  5. Hello people, 1st post here. I used to play SC2000 a lot and recently bought Sim City 4 Deluxe and is still learning the ropes. I started out with a city in a small region tile which currently have 15k citizens (1500 R$$$) and then made another with only farmland and connected the two with monorail and road. So far so good. UDIs provides endless supply of money . Now to my problem. I'd like to build a solar power plant in my city but don't have the 3000 R$$$ that's required so I'd like to "cheat" by doing the Monorail Ride mission to unlock it. Apparantly >20 monorail tiles and >2 stations is required. Since I have a connection I extended it in a straight line far enough to comply (being aware that the stations replaces rail tiles). I've also checked that there are no breaks. In the "My Sim" view I can access the monorail and get to drive it if I want. Still I don't get the mission. Something is missing but what? Is there a hidden requirement in addition to the 20 rail/3 stations? I hope you pros can provide some insight.