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  1. If its a mod I've narroed it down to a couple... however, they were .kbi files that I installed with rpatch and I didn't backup prior to this. Guess I'll have to either start a new city or reinstall. not sure... Anyone know how to uninstall these?
  2. The radiation seems to be affecting the whole city. I am seeing those white dots blinking everywhere there is open ground. So I don't really understand it. The only power plants that I bulldozed/exploded recently were solar and hydrogen due to the fact that I was doing some terrain manipulation/zoning and I had to reposition them.
  3. Well, the only radioactive building in my city is area 51.
  4. ??? I don't understand how that can be considering I have no radioactive elements to my city. Doesn't make sense. Must be a mod.
  5. Looks almost like its suppose to resemble rain hitting the ground or something. Sorry I posted in wrong area, but I am little new to the game so I couldn't actually be sure if this is a bug or not. I should also note I recently installed numerous mods, however, I can't recall if the game was doing this before I did that or not. Perhaps I should uninstall those and see if it still does it. Its not really a big deal, doesn't seem to affect gameplay at all. Just a little weird.
  6. Recently while I've been playing I've been seeing all these semi-transparent blinking lights/white dots all over the land. Anyone know whats up with that?