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  1. Location: "BSC Textures Vol 03"

    Where can one find "BSC Textures Vol 03"? (sorry, can't seem to unbold/unitalicize this line)
  2. Traffic Mod - Congestion?

    I recently modified the capacity of Streets to 250, up from 100. I did that on exemplar(?) 0xA92356B9 "Network Traffic Capacity". Going into Simcity, the capacity increase worked! (yay for my first mod?) However, when I open the traffic data map, Streets appear to be very congested ("red"), even when the current traffic is ~150 for morning and evening trips. Is there something which I can edit to fix this? Further description of 'problem': Roads show red density when they have ~800 to 1000 traffic for morning and evening trips, that is, 80%+ of capacity. But for Streets, is is showing red density when the traffic is 150+, that is, 60%+ of capacity. What could I modify to change this phenomenon? I looked at "Congestion vs Speed" 0xA9235B9, but there are 8 values there -- however the "Network Traffic Capacity" has 13 values, so there's not the expected 1-to-1 correspondence. Another candidate which I looked at was "Travel type affected by traffic" but there are only T/F arguments, rather than a Float32.
  3. Parks Following Curvature

    What is meaning of "LE"?
  4. Parks Following Curvature

    Sometimes when I lay a reserved tile (medium park, small flower garden, etc), it follows the land [surface] curvature, but other times, the park is built up on bricks so that its surface is flat. How can I ensure that the tile follows the land curvature?