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  1. NAM 30 Trouble

    Have there been any developments here?
  2. NAM 30 Trouble

    Great thanks for that!! I must say the new layout is much better than the default Maxis one!
  3. NAM 30 Trouble

    I knew it wasn't supposed to be that, I've used it for a long time and it worked fine; in saying that, I have found the patch at SC4D. Yes, I am using the UK English version (LHD). As you will see from the picture below, there is a big black hole where I would like the drive-paths to be!! Hope it can be fixed
  4. NAM 30 Trouble

    I'm having some very weird issues since installing NAM 30, particularly with avenue functionality. The first problem is that the Avenue Roundabouts seem only to be an eye-candy feature at the moment (any time I try to drive missions on them, it is as if I am on plain ground [dirt]); and they do not show up in the Data Views|Traffic as being part of the road network. I have much the same problem with Diagonal-Diagonal Avenue-Elevated Highway transitions (there is no functionality whatsoever, and the driving issue is the same). I haven't checked out Diagonal-Diagonal Avenue-Ground Highway at this stage. (However, all orthogonal Avenue-Highway transitions are working fine.) Otherwise, this seems to have been an awesome update, but this issue is really annoying at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I have cleaned all plugin files related to this update and reinstalled it without success. By way of further explanation, my issue with both Roundabouts and Avenue-Highways can be seen by the traffic data map shown below.