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  1. Cities XL Hints & Tips

    INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CREATE AN EXPRESSWAY WITH OVERPASSES IN CITIES XL: To build an expressway that "dips" into the ground, kind of the way a highway does in real life, except there will be no roads bordering it here, and have "overpasses" crossing it, 1) create an EXPRESSWAY as a road, not a bridge, lay it in a straight line to make this easier, 2) Line the road with BUILDINGS ONLY, 3) Delete the road and replace it with a bridge, except lower it into the ground, provided you are working on terrain that is of high enough elevation, but make the ends of the bridge level with the terrain to create future intersections, 4) delete 1 building each, directly across from each other, on each side of the road in order to clear space for an "overpass," 5) pick the SIMPLE ROAD BRIDGE and get it to work just so that you can cross the expressway, provided the expressway was built deep enough to allow the bridge be high enough to cross, also make the bridge LEVEL with the terrain surrounding the expressway (if the simple road bridge says BRIDGE FOUNDATION TOO LOW then DELETE the expressway and replace it with another expressway bridge, but this time make it a little bit deeper in the ground and if it doesn't work at first just keep trying it until it does), 6) if the last part worked, DELETE the expressway once all the overpasses are completed and replace it with the same EXPRESSWAY BRIDGE, except this time it's going to be to make the road foundation higher, making it as close as possible to the "overpasses" for additional realism, 7) once this is done, DELETE that expressway and replace it with an EXPRESSWAY ROAD, not the bridge this time (it helps save on costs, bridges are far more expensive than roads). FINALLY, YOU ARE DONE! You have created your first seemingly realistic, or as realistic as it gets in my book (so far) EXPRESSWAY WITH OVERPASSES. Congratulations and hope my instructions have been helpful. If not, please feel free to e-mail me at Delor315@aol.com with questions. Thank you.