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  1. Milwaukee

    Nice Work. Once your done with major roads and you get to the grid it should become much easier. And yes, I comment your work because mountain dew is my favorite soda...
  2. Mystery of ur nickname

    Mt. Dew, the greatest soda ever mines the name of a band.
  3. London - Rainy Day

    Hi HotDogs. This is incredible. Can't wait to look at some of the past updates. Nice work.
  4. MLB 2010

    Red Sox continue to be horrible, dropping 2 games to the orioles after winning 8 of 10. Ortiz hit two home runs [positive] but Dice K and Wakefield both got rocked for 6 runs each [negative] Adrian Beltre is fourth in AL batting average [positive] but Lackey and Beckett have ERA's above 5 for April [negative]. Lackey and Beckett will figure it out, just maybe too late
  5. Capitalism versus Socialism

    Astronelson-Point across. And yes, not "everybody wants to kill us". That is extreme hyperbole of course. And there are certainly other european countries that have a lot of the same problems in terms of terrorist threats and needing good military and defense. But the US has the highest military budget in the world and it's not just because we are militaristic [okay, yes, we are pretty militaristic haha]. From the 50's-90's though, we had to compete with the soviet union. Arms races, investing in new technology...even the space race should be considered military spending because we were trying to get there first so the soviets couldn't nuke us from outer space [like that would ever happen...]. That costs a lot of freaking money. Then the Soviet Union collapses and suddenly America was head and shoulders above everybody else as the most powerful country in the world at that time [in my opinion. I'm sure somebody somewhere has facts and figures to argue that]. All that power meant America had to be the world police [actually it didn't, but everybody thought it did, or at least the government did] So then we have the Gulf War, enter 9/11, and now we have Iraq, Afghanistan, and the "war on terror" [afterwards hopefully we can do a "war on fear" ]. basically, we've been constantly having to spend money on our military since World War II, with a little bit of a break between the gulf war and 9/11. But America, more so than any country i'd say, has the need to spend on defense. Fourth largest country for land, and I think the third largest for population but i'm not sure. Thats a lot of land, and a lot of people to protect. Add to that two wars and being the number one targest for terrorists [car bomb in times square this morning as we speak] and we need to spend a lot of money on defense. Compare that to a country like Switzerland, which is historically neutral, not fighting in any wars, small land area, small population, much smaller target for terrorism...and you can see where i'm getting at right? The money that a country like switzerland has to spend on socialist stuff like free healthcare, university, "social security" [to be honest, i don't know if they have a social security style program there] we just don't have. We should have the money to do all this socialist stuff, but we don't, because over the years we've screwed up with our money and wars too much.
  6. Milwaukee

    "(largest 4-sided clock in the world btw )" They just built a bigger one in Mecca. Sorry
  7. The Simtropolis Airport Competition! - Showdown of the Century

    Instead of quintuple posting, post all of those as part of one update. No need to make 5 posts in a row an hour apart. If you want to make changes you can use the edit post button.
  8. World Affairs

    Unrelated but it fits into the subject a bit. I saw a commercial for dog food with all kinds of terrific healthy foods in it. It had real white meat chicken, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits. Why on earth are we americans wasting perfectly good people food on our dogs and cats and gerbils while there are billions starving not just in the poorer areas of our world but right here in our on country. It's kind of disgusting..
  9. Capitalism versus Socialism

    Which system is right depends on the country. Socialism works for countries like switzerland. They have tons of money, and nothing to spend it on other than their people. Socialism doesn't work for america. We have tons of money, but we have to spend it on weapons and defense, because everybody in the world wants to kill us. We don't have the money for the government to give us healthcare and university educations and food and all that good stuff. Communism doesn't work for anybody. Communism is just too idealistic. All concepts revolving around equality are doomed to fail, because humans aren't equal, like it or not. If humans were equal, than we would have no sports, because they would be deadlock ties for eternity. If humans were equal, how would colleges reject hundreds of applicants, if all the applicants are the same?. Equality should mean we all get the same rights, not we all get the same life.
  10. MtN Dew's CJ teasers

    mIlwaukee is a very nice city. Doesn't get much press because there is nothing there, but its cool at least haha
  11. Autodesk 3dsMax for Free Legally

    This is great for the BATting community! getting my copy asap
  12. MLB 2010

    Wow Ryan Howard got old fast. He's 30! They probably should have called him up sooner than 26.
  13. Legalization of cannabis

    Of course the only state to tax it is taxachusetts
  14. Simtropolis Chat Attendance Record Breaking Attempt

    If I'm home i'm there. [don't count on it though].
  15. iAvatar Club

    iLike iHotDogs alot?