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  1. Show us your Mayor's Houses!

    Good thinking. If the Sims ever riot, you could just cut the bridge and hide in the house
  2. Sincity 4 + NAM = CRASH?

    Thanks for the help guys! Turns out that some of my cities were causing the problem for some reason, so I deleted them, and it solved the problem!
  3. Sincity 4 + NAM = CRASH?

    Oh god, even If I uninstall NAM my game still crashes. :[ Now it's impossible for me to change the options in the game. I just reinstalled the game. It still doesn't work. FML.
  4. Sincity 4 + NAM = CRASH?

    Yes, it has the patch. My transit related mods I have in the Plugins folder right now is: -Modern Tollbooths -European busstops -HOV Bus lanes -Modded cop cars and fire rigs (forgot the real names) -BART train -F22A Planes -Super cars mod V2
  5. Sincity 4 + NAM = CRASH?

    This is my first time :[ Its the June one I think.
  6. Well, I just dl'ed NAM, and it installed into the PLUGINS folder and such. But now, if I try to run SC4 (I have the Rush hour add-on), it crashes after the Landscape thingie intro (after the Maxis logo fades away). What's goin' on? :[
  7. New Automatas to come !

    I want that Pepsi truck
  8. So, me again (sorry for the mob of questions). This time, I wanna learn about how to make good demand to efficiently grow successful regions. I've seen this youtube video, but it doesn't seem so clear to me :/ When I start building my stuff, what R do I build? and C? and what do I do in the neigborring region? Can anyone show me some tax schemes to help increase demand all around? Thanks. P.S. I use the cash thinigie, so money is not really an issue. BTW, how do I get that chart thing in the video at 2:15? And Office taxes are Commercial taxes, right? -M
  9. Oh man, I'm having problems after problems :[ My Industrial city is ok, but no high tech stuff is sprouting :[ The bottom half of my residential city is abandoned, even though the industrial city is just west of the R$ and the R$$ zones. The top half of my residential city is doing ok, its mostly R$$$ and it has a commercial region just north of it I placed another commercial region south of my residential region, but my Sims are still jobless for some reason, even though they're really near to the region border to the commercial place Some of my commercials places north are abandoned too, I have no idea why. And my trains aren't appearing, they cross through the farms, the industry, to the residential, all with freight train stations, but nothings happening. D; Help? IF THATS NOT TOO MUCH LOL My current regions: I$$$, west Residential, middle C$$$, North C$$ and C$, south Farms, far west Some more industry, east. Can anyone recommend me some tax levels?
  10. One more problem :[ (sorry) I created 4 regions, one for R$$$, one for I$$ and I$$$, one for C$$$ and one for farming. About 1/4 of the R$$$ region has a suitcase with an X on it, and there are alot of abandoned buildings. The Industrial region is right next to it, how come they're abandoning? Thanks.
  11. OOOOh, have some more questions -Can I place bus stations anywhere? Or does it have to be in a continuous loop? Do I put them in all the lots? -How do I increase my population faster without making neighboring regions? -How come no one uses the highway I set up? Thank you
  12. Thanks guys One more thing, when I extract the files I download into the Plugin folder, it contains the readme and sometimes some picture files, can I just leave them in the plugins folder?
  13. Aight cool. Btw, when I build bus stations without NAM, how can I know where they go? And do the buses appear automatically? (sorry, haven't played in a while).