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  1. GlobexCo Workshop

    Heey Globexco is there some news about the airport gem? I realy liked this idea.
  2. Pharmist Mod Experiments

    oke very nice, i shall wait for your outcomings
  3. Pharmist Mod Experiments

    Pharmist, Is it posible to create a road only for busses. so you can create a busline from a point in the city to an other?
  4. Pharmist Mod Experiments

    8 lanes much better than the highway. (is 10 also coming )
  5. No of Pedestrian in the street

    i don't think their is a mod around for that, you can alway request it.
  6. Pharmist Mod Experiments

    Nice Pharmist, very useful a oneway expressway. now you dont have to use the highway anymore
  7. [2011 & 2009] Airport Mod

    Its looks nice, and whit props from globexco you can create your own airfield, what is very nice. are you gone make also klm, transavia, martinair Airplanes? (dutch airplanes).
  8. Busrad, what do you mean by that?
  9. Skimbo a question, I want to make a buslane in my city, but i don't want other cars on this lane. Is it possible to create something like that? ( i don't thinks so, but i wanted to ask it first).
  10. Dutch vehicle mods

    Thanx for noticing, I shall add it to the list tomorrow. It replaces the double decker metro right?
  11. CXL Unlocker Mod v4

    Nice ;) Trixie nomination from me :P
  12. GlobexCo Workshop

    probably not, because not all the players want this, The player who doesn't want it can't use the unlocker.
  13. Dutch Police cars

    @van hoeck Can you send me a private message with a picture of Belgium police car. I will see of i can do it, if its very similar to this one i can do is for you.
  14. Nice Skimbo, I wil try them. Thanx
  15. Dutch Police cars