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  1. Print Works

    We should have more of these!
  2. NexisTerraceHousingProjectA

    bee-you-tee-full. school will prevent me from making lots for a while now so checking LEX once every week is the most i can do. and findings lots like these make it worthwhile.
  3. TheMeetingPlace

    o i see. the makeout pole... haha.. usually id think ppl make out somewhere less visible. guess this couple juss couldnt wait to get a room =P
  4. Main County Library

    the slightly offset landry co building u used for the base really gets at me. not ur fault, the building wasn't meant too be used this way -- i had designed somethin similar to this before i scrapped it cuz it looked too 'imperfect'. its alrite, nevertheless.
  5. McDonalds

    this... wow.
  6. Snowy Side

    ok wat are we plopping down? how big is the park? im sure better descriptions will allow for even higher ratings.
  7. City Block Under water

    i dunno. i'm not willing to download this, and the SS doesnt look all that great -- actually, doesnt look good.
  8. NexisUSEmbassy

    it looks quite good. just a small thing, the flags i think u can rotate, so its facing the right side -- and maybe so the one on the left is in the corner as well; cuz im a sucker for perfection ;p i give it an 8.
  9. Country side

    looks perrrty :)
  10. Ski Resort

    rough edges on that lake. im assuming ud be giving altx credit for te snow. and a bit plain...
  11. TheMeetingPlace

    ummm... an unexpected break from your usual high-quality lots? i guess everyone has there "different" days, hm.
  12. Passenger Rail Terminal

    nice prop merging
  13. Simulabyrinth

    as dusty said, its visual appearance is a bit dull -- maybe itll look a better if it was hedges instead of stone walls? imo, green mite look better than grey. but still an original idea.
  14. NexisCarInsuranceCo

    i luv building integration and u know it! nie job
  15. Walton Retail Plaza

    Version 1


    Medium-wealth Commercial Services Provided: 3447. The heart of Walton Industries' retail branch. Electronics, music, decent restaurants, and more, can all be found within this service centre. i think i have an interest in building integration.