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  1. International Airport revamped

    the architecture is OK, but the the planes too crowded
  2. Rising Dragon Tower

    Yoshiisland, the upper right pic is a perspective one taken in 3ds MAX. I've complemented the real effects in sc4 to the lower part of pic2#. The roof is a warmhouse with grass and pool, and some leisure facilities.
  3. Rising Dragon Tower

    Version 1


    This is where I dwell,but exaggerated. no dependencies Growable Residential Capacity : R$$$ 5168 Growstage 8 4x4

  5. Medium ATEX Station

    the night view is beautiful
  6. Version 1


    I made this to celebrate Spring Festival, the main traditional festival in China. size:1x1 capacity:20102, indicating 2010 February, when the New Year of Tiger begins at. So the busstop is named Tiger 2010. All guys, Happy Spring Festival!
  7. Water Avatar

    sorry to set reply 3 parts, as I found long comment would disappear. Any body can tell me why? when I finished writing sth. , press the button "add comment", fresh the page, written thing's there, But when I fresh the page again a moment later,my comments just disappear.
  8. Water Avatar

    The roof may be a crude production as you said, but another case is it can be just another style from yours. I never expect everybody appreciate my style, neither should you. However thank you Twrecks for your suggestions.
  9. Water Avatar

    The roof, oh, why can't I just make a screen roof? I want to make a Laser Roof, when viewing from high, you just see something on the head screen. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make gif effect in SC4 model, otherwise you'll have seen a very short movie on head of the building instead of a single picture, which could be my next ambition.
  10. Water Avatar

    hi Chinese Rock & T wrecks. Actually I don't know how to start a thread as you said. But that doesn't count.
  11. Water Avatar

    thingfishs, thank you for your views. I will certainly consider that, and maybe presented in my next work.
  12. Water Avatar

    to trance: it's a good idea, thank you. maybe I can make a CS building with it, whose name may be Simobile, a company providing mobile and net services in sim country.XD
  13. Water Avatar

    ps:the doors and walls ARE delicate, the glass is bright and clean
  14. Water Avatar

    Version 1


    Growable Residential Building Capacity R$$$ 4000 R$$ 8000 R$ 16000 5x5 Growstage 8 NO DEPENDENCIES The condo's named Water Avatar. Coz it's blue, and BLUE reminds me of water. As far as Avatar is concerned, well, Avatar is popular,isn't it? It may bring your city something fresh, hope you enjoy that And many thanks to Simfox, without his batformax, I would have NOT made this LOT. I appreciate all CONSTRUCTIVE ADVICES and also CRITICS THAT MAKE SENSE. But I'm boring with some groundless coments. If you like it, just take it. IF you dislike it and wanna express some of your opinions, please read below ( I don't want to say things like that again and again, so they are here) thank all guys for his advices It's a futuristic building (well,I supposed it to be). in this idea, the condo certainly looks different in texture and color. And it should be simple in geometry. this is my personal aesthetics. The bottom texture……well, this part did take me almost a whole night to decorate, with which I got quite satisfied. IF you've grown this condo in sc4, you would have found that the bottom doors and walls ARE delicate, the glass is bright and clean. HAVE you TRIED this condo in SC4 before you publish your critical issues here? 4000R$ , or 8000R$$ or 16000R$ in a condos , is not that radical as someone thought. DO you know the maxis default building of Ong Condo? It takes up an area of 4x4, containing 5039 R$$$, 10391 R$$, 20778 R$. well, how do you think ahout it? Delete comment? Yes | NoI urge some guys, to learn something ,before you say something. AS in my last LOT, guys expressed their discontent even resentment coz they want a Landmark version while THERE HAS BEEN a LM version already. guys criticize the Job version severely, "sims do job in the statue?" oh dear, I couldn't be that imaginative, IF they grow the job version in game, they must find that sims do job in buildings around the statue, NOT IN that staute. EVEN IF they don't check in the game themselves, they still have chance to know all these, coz I demonstrate all these clearly in discription. BUT some of them just like to say something groundless ,while they check nothing, learn nothing. I appreciate all advices. But guys pouring groundless junk, just be a little more friendly, OK? And To Know about something, before you fire on it. And could anybody tell me why my comments always disappear? When I finished writing something in comments page ,I press the button "add comment", and fresh the page to ensure the written thing's there, yes I'm sure. But when I open the comments page again several minutes later, my comments just disappear. This situation happens very often. No matter I publish comments on other guy's LOT page or on my own page, it just happens frequently. Is this a common problem for everybody?
  15. GrandioseDomeTower

    thank you very much, are there any dependencies?