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  1. NAM Traffic Subsystem

    Hey, I have a problem with TSTC! When, I try to launch it, instead of TSTC it starts a Nokia Ovi Suite and how to make the TSTC launch and not only NOS. >:( I love it only if I could use it!
  2. i hate this problem too and i always all my money so i need to start again! ugh...
  3. Other good city building games

    i wroted that CityScape 1.8.3 and thats the newest version (you can download it at www.pixelactive.com) and you can save your creations and cities or what you did and McDuell how in the world have you done it?!?!?! its just so amazing and the game is pretty cool because you can drive cars (only with X360 controller!!! but i have on ) so thats the thing
  4. Other good city building games

    CityScape 1.8.3 is very addicting where you can build the most realistic roads and building in a world of city building games it has pretty graphics and you can make any options you like to and you cant download the game from http://pixelactive3d.com
  5. Ford Shelby Cobra Concept 2004

    thanks cromaster :)
  6. Ford Shelby Cobra Concept 2004

    again no car for me :( cuz i have tu use only Software and not Hardware :(
  7. i downloaded the game from Strong DC but that is SK (Slovak) Extel (internet) private server and that guy had the SC4D and it is English version (US) and i really dont no but still no lights on whole game and i really hate it /// and i installed the correct versions of update so i still dont know
  8. Experimental skyscraper districts

    can somebody tell me where to get that tornado-like building? i think its in russia and its builded even in UK but i always see the building but no links
  9. Show us your Night Shots!

    only if i could post some night shots but my sim city 4 doesnt have light and i cant figure it out how to make them work(i did patching and all those stuff that people posted me on forums but nothing and i tryed re-install but still no succes )
  10. well according to the game launcher it says 1.1.610.0 but the thing is i patched the game twice and still the same
  11. yeah but i was watching whole city with every building i downloaded and none of them had lights only SC4 buildings and thats really not great
  12. patched everything correctly and still no lights! maybe im stupid or what
  13. i have a problem with nightlighting too and i did everything what astronelson posted and still no lights. i really cant figure it out i really dont know whats the problem with it
  14. Faster Download Times?

    its great that the downloading speeded up
  15. San Francisco Bay Authority

    this is truly fascinating, mate really keep up the good work